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videos are up for three of the four #fennel conf talks:

due to an operator error (I neglected to hit record) the first talk did not make it; sorry!
on the train headed to Portland for #fennel conf!
so now that #fennel conf is less than a month away I got a schedule set up:

exciting to see this actually happening! now to get my own talk figured out.
I just found out that folks in the Freenode channel #fennel were interested in #yaaps. This probably means that I'll have to stop screwing around with #minetest and kibbitzing in IRC and the fedi so that I can cut code
just deployed an IRC bot written in lisp (#fennel) to a $3 microcontroller with onboard wifi

feels pretty good!
hey guess what; #fennel 0.2.0 was released yesterday

highlights include pattern matching, backtick, k/v destructuring, and standalone macros
I stripped all the macros and quote system out of #fennel and it's running on my esp8266 microcontroller! we have First Eval.
tonight's #fennel hacking: a couple years ago I implemented a Lua server for the nREPL protocol, which is a language-agnostic development tooling protocol

today I extended it to support evaluating Fennel code:

and then I went and implemented a client in Fennel:
Starting fenestra (wayland compositor) again, this time in #fennel. So far, have got it to the point of calling wlr_backend_autocreate but I have the old lua code as my guide so development should be a lot faster this time

I do need to figure out how to sever its github link to wlroots, because it's not a fork any longer
yesterday we landed pattern matching for #fennel including unification among pattern variables:

today I've got an idea for how to simplify the macro system and make it a bit more flexible:

hopefully tomorrow we'll land quote/unquote, and then a release will be just around the corner!
interested in getting feedback on the documentation for pattern matching in #fennel, especially from folks who may not have used pattern matching before. is this a clear explanation? suggestions for how to improve it are welcome.
I may have accidentally written a pattern matching macro in #fennel over my lunch break
if anyone is trying to come up with a great talk idea for #fennel conf may I recommend this?
hey, if you're interested in #fennel, (or smol lisps, or #lua, or fun software conferences) we're going to have a mini-conference in Portland on the 16th of March.

it's free, so sign up here:
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